Secrets Of The Tribe

a little story about us
There was a period quite recently when the people concentrated solidly on battling nature in light of a legitimate concern for advance. The land endured thus did we. Secrets Of The Tribe began with a couple of idealists who trusted they could develop health from the land without destroying it. They looked to old secrets used by our ancestry

By using innovation and proven clinical practices couple with nature, and not in mastery of it, our founders tested themselves to locate a superior way to wellbeing. What they began with was an full love to the nature, not a business one. We're still small that we make every bottle and every order by hand, yet sufficiently large to have the most recent in assembling and testing innovation, which suits us fine. Health and planet has always been our concentration, energy and mission and that alongside our dedication to our establishing standards will never show signs of change.

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Best Herbs
We only use herbs that are certified organically grown, or wild-crafted in their natural habitat
Best Preparing
We hand pick all the herbs, and sort it out from unwanted parts, then sun-dried herbs we deliver to develop
Best Develoiping
We develop our products using all old-fashion ways in couple with modern technologies. It allows us to keep maximum ratio of Bio-components.
Best Storing
We store our products in the best environment, we keep perfect temperature and humidity level, to keep them always fresh!