Secrets Of The Tribe

a little story about us
A Navajo proverb once said, "Be still, and the earth will speak to you." Secrets Of The Tribe embraces our ancestry and upholds a lifelong commitment to the wellness of mind and body.
Through quality and innovation, we unveil a product that promotes and maintains a healthy lifestyle while embracing its origins. Our time spent in Navajo Nation taught us to believe in people and their power to change the world around them. We make every bottle with the purpose of serving those who seek within them the path to long-lasting health. Gathering raw materials from all over the globe we blend traditional methods with present-day techniques to deliver herbal supplements that are dependable and always Eco-friendly. Our love for the planet helps us understand that nature gives us what we need when we search for and respect her voice. We want to share with you our experiences and love for the world we live in. Let the earth speak to you.

Welcome to Secrets of the Tribe!

Discover our values
Best Herbs
We only use herbs that are certified organically grown and /or wild-crafted in their natural habitat
Best Preparation
We carefully hand pick each herb, ensure it is free of unwanted materials, sun-dried and then sent for extraction
Best Developing
We develop our products using old-fashion methods coupled with modern technology. This allows us to achieve the maximum possible ratio of bio-active components.
Best Storing
We store our products in the best environment, perfect temperature and humidity levels are set in order to keep our products always fresh!