Los Angeles Healthy Tincture, Herbal Extract Supplement for Optimal Human Health


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Los Angeles

The city of Angels’ ideal climate is changing. Recent surges in heat and drought are putting Angelenos at risk. Lack of proper heat infrastructure is creating higher levels of smog and pollution in the air that can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
Using Organic raw herbs, we present to you a strong blend of nutrients and energy-enhancing tinctures designed to keep you at your best year-round.

Healthy Autumn
Power and energy are essential as the fall months begin to creep in and that is why we have included such energy-inducing herbs as spirulina and pine pollen.

Ginger provides a vast number of benefits for the Autumn months as it boosts cognitive function, keeps cholesterol levels down and most importantly protects the heart against the harmful pollution that is notorious in downtown Los Angeles.

A blend of ten herbs formulated with Angelenos in mind

Plantain has the ability to soothe the lungs and promotes overall respiratory health and thus proves to be essential in this formula.

Keep your immune system in shape and ready with ingredients such as Asian Ginseng, Cat’s Claw, Schisandra and St. John’s Wort, all aimed at strengthening immune defenses and boosting vitality for those breezy months.

Healthy Winter
Maca Root and Cordyceps Mushrooms combine for a jolting boost of energy
Rosemary Leaf can improve digestion and keep the body’s temperature stable during the breezy months.
A blend of 10 herbs formulated with Angelenos in mind.
Lobelia protects the lungs from the harsh pollution of downtown Los Angeles.
Elderberry strengthens your immune system during those chilly Los Angeles winter nights and keeps common colds away.

Healthy Spring
American Ginseng is an excellent choice when searching for that pick-me-up at 2pm.
Spirulina provides strength for everyday activities
A blend of 10 herbs formulated with Angelenos in mind.
Peppermint soothes the digestive system and promotes oral health, adding a breezy feel to the spring air.
Orange Peel keeps your immune system ready for anything.

Healthy Summer
Wheatgrass and Ashwagandha are the energy boost you are looking for.
All the health benefits of Green Tea packed into one exciting formula.
A blend of 10 herbs formulated with Angelenos in mind.
Lungwort optimizes the respiratory system and allows it to handle Los Angeles’ tough pollution.
Asparagus boosts the immune system and prevents sweating during the humid summer months.

Los Angeles has often been envied for its sensational weather yet the reality for Angelenos is much less glamorous. The Los Angeles County alone suffers from some of the worst air pollution in the country and this is only worsened by rising heat levels. As temperatures begin to rise they facilitate the chemical creation of ground-level ozone (smog) and this can lead to higher rates of citizens who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and more. Heat-related deaths spike each year as elderly, children and even athletes struggle to cope with rising temperatures and longer periods of extreme heat.

Each of our blends is specifically made to combat ailments caused by these extreme shifts in climate and allow you to be at your best always. We take into careful consideration each seasonal change and adapt accordingly so that you are never unprepared. As one of the cultural epicenters of the world, we understand the demands of this active town and are ready to meet them. We want to be a part of the solution by bringing health of mind and body to the forefront and into your communities. We understand that the battle against climate change starts from within.

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 9 x 12 x 3 in

Summer, Autumn / Fall, Spring, Winter